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How we got started and where we are going

The Beeprint was created in 2016 by Becca Dejean after helping a few small businesses build tech products to promote growth and efficiency. We've grown from just a single young dreamer that aspired to help other dreamers, to a growing team spread across North America.  

We strive to build the ecosystem in Haiti by partnering Entrepreneurs and Startups with highly skilled talent. Our clients are not only fulfilling their own dreams by working with us, but also creating opportunities in emerging economies like Haiti. 



Becca Dejean started freelancing offering creative services to small business in Austin, TX


Participates in 1st Haiti Tech Summit as an Exhibitor and formed Beehive, now rebranded as The Beeprint


Expands to Atlanta, GA and establishes partnership with Haitian partner NouKod


The Beeprint team is awarded as the #1 Business Development Partner of the Year by Austin Award Program

Meet The Team

Becca Dejean

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Founder & CEO

Madison Romero

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Senior Project Manager

Arist Wright

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Senior Product Manager

We work with the most resilient and talented professionals in Haiti

Combining people and technology to deliver transformational outcomes

After participating in the first Haiti Tech Summit in 2017, The Beeprint was on a conquest to connect talented engineers and designers to cool opportunities. There was an abundance of talent, but limited opportunities available to Haitian professionals. Since that time, The Beeprint has partnered with several tech and design companies based in Haiti. All team members are english-fluent and have a full-stack view of programming and operational methodologies such as lean, agile scrum, and waterfall. 

We provide organizational leadership and training to ensure teams are up to speed on best practices, the latest technologies and how to integrate with diverse teams. Our talented engineers and creatives have fun, collaborate strategically, and are constantly looking for areas to grow. We are thrilled to create opportunities for growth, development and economic prosperity while also helping our client's entrepreneurial dreams come true!

Meet Our Partners

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 Email Us: info@thebeeprint.com   |   Tel: 512-766-1829 |  3411 Pierce Dr #100 Atlanta, GA 30341