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  • Carefully maintain complaint and nonconformance processing through records and tracking systems, including root cause and corrective actions

  • Document quality assurance activities with internal reporting and audits

  • Develop new standards for production and design, with improvements as needed, and create testing protocols for implementation across all service lines

  • Identify training needs and take action to ensure company-wide compliance

  • Pursue continuing education on new solutions, technology, and skills



  • Develop MVP products to handle massive growth, enabling the generation of insights and data products on all internal and external data via self-serve computing, reporting solutions, and interactive querying

  • Visualize, design, and develop creative and innovative software and mobile platforms for startups and small business worldwide

  • Create scalable software platforms and applications, and efficient networking solutions that are unit tested, code reviewed, and checked regularly for continuous integration

  • Plan and execute full software development life cycles (SDLC) for each assigned project, adhering to company standards and expectations




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